8 Tips for Keeping Fitness Resolutions

Have Your New Year Resolutions to Exercise and Eat Well Fallen Apart?

Don’t feel bad, most of us lose our resolve. Lucky for us, there are still eleven months left in 2020 to make these resolutions a reality, and to enjoy all the benefits of healthy living for many years ahead! Below are 8 tips for keeping fitness resolutions.


1. Set realistic goals.

Aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week or one clothing size every one to two months. Studies show that people who aspire to lose weight with the goal of improving health are more successful at keeping it off than people who try to lose weight for a special event. Before eating poorly or missing a workout consider the long-term health benefits including reduced risk of stroke,
heart attack and diabetes.

2. Be consistent!

Plan at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise daily, rather than an hour each week. Planning exercise by setting it as an appointment on your calendar helps make it a priority and easier to fit into your schedule, which is especially important for people who have difficulty saying "No" when someone asks them to do something else.

3. Be fueled!

Give your body the energy to exercise. Sleep 7- 8 hours nightly, deep sleep releases growth hormone for muscles to recover and decreases the stress hormone cortisol which contributes to abdominal fat. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to increase fat metabolism and curb appetite. Eat healthy meals and snacks by planning your meals ahead and packing lunch/ snacks/drinks.

4. Be organized!

If you plan to wake up early to exercise, have the clothes out ready the night before. If you plan to go after work, pack a bag with exercise clothes, drink bottle and healthy snacks in the car, so you can go straight from work. Better still, get changed into your exercise clothes before you leave
work, this helps get your mind ready to enjoy exercise.

5. Keep a journal.

This is a great way to document short term and long-term goals, to celebrate success
and to realize what works and what needs to be changed. Remember it takes about 21 days of consistent activity to make it a habit and about six months to create a lifestyle change. Maintain long term motivation by rewarding yourself at regular milestones, say with a massage, a new outfit, a new
fishing pole etc.

6. Make it fun!

Involve family and friends, try new activities together including classes at the local gym. People who exercise together tend to workout at a higher intensity & frequency.

7. Increase your knowledge.

Seek the advice of a Personal Trainer, read books, research online or classes to learn more about exercise and healthy eating. Read and understand food labels, learn safe and effective exercises for your body type and particular health concerns.

8. Be kind to yourself.

Life happens and there are times we cannot keep the promise to exercise and eat right. If you took a break to recover from a cold or overindulged at a party etc. don’t give up! Just re-evaluate your fitness plan, remember, your long-term goals and get back on track!


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