Vision Board Workshops

Relax, Recharge & Create Your Vision Board
Discover the Future You Really Want!

Are you in a rut? Is stress keeping you awake at night, making your body ache and your heart yearn for happiness?

Enjoy this much-deserved break to relax, recharge and create a vision board to discover the future that you really want! You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired to Enjoy Life! Includes journal, vision board, refreshments, relaxation CD and lots of fun.

Life can become so busy that we live in “autopilot” and forget what’s important to us. We tell ourselves we will do these things “one day”, however unless we make time to reflect on what we really want, we risk not ever living the life we love.

What happens in a Vision Board Workshop?

In the Relax and Create Your Vision Board Workshop, we do a series of exercises, journaling and guided relaxation to gain clarity of our goals for relationships, career, finances, home, travel, personal growth, spirituality, social life, education, health and whatever else is important.

We then create a poster board with pictures and positive affirmations to reflect how we would feel if we lived these goals. The Vision Board is then displayed somewhere it can be seen daily to help keep us focused. For example, the next time we’re shopping, we’re more likely to remember what it is we really want and resist temptation by only buying what we need, so we can put aside funds for what is more important to us!  Psychology research shows that when we effectively visualize ourselves doing something, we activate brain patterns as though we really were doing it, helping to make it happen.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, so by focusing on the positive with a Vision Board, we can enjoy living the life we love! 


“Self-care is so important but it can be so hard to find the time to take a break and invest in yourself. The Australian Accents Restorative yoga retreat was the perfect way to schedule some “me time”. My back had been hurting all week leading up to the workshop and I’m happy to report that I left free of the aches that had been plaguing me as well as refreshed and relaxed. Working on a vision board was invigorating and fun. Leaving with a visual representation of my dreams, goals and priorities (big or small) was so satisfying. Sheryl even provided water and snacks during the retreat, as well as all of the materials needed to create a vision board. Highly recommend treating yourself to a workshop and look forward to the next one!”

Sarah Walsh, Pass Christian

“What an incredible and relaxing day. You owe it to yourself to have an escape. It is a fun day spent with other women with common goals. We practiced restorative yoga, learned relaxation tips, talked about our dreams, wishes and aspirations. On top of that we had an amazing low-cal weight watcher friendly lunch and created an inspiring Vision board to lead us into our future. As a result, I have accomplished a new goal and have actually made one of my dreams come true. Believe It! Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself an amazing gift of self-love.”

Ann Hale, Long Beach, MS

“I attended the first retreat with Sheryl for several months ago. The insight I got to look into my future and set goals was amazing and putting that on paper on the Vision board was very inspiring. The meditation and relaxation techniques are Incredible and are now a DAILY part of my life!! The Yoga is amazing and for someone who struggles with back issues, the stretches as well cannot be explained as to the alleviation of underlying pain. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND ATTEND ONE OF THESE RETREATS…YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! LOVE U SHERYL!!”

Kimberly Keel, Long Beach, MS

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